The hermitage of Lloret de Mar

Les Alegries hermitage (1079)

This was the first parish church of the town of Lloret. Located 2.5 km. from the centre of town, it was the parish church from its consecration in the year 1079 until the year 1522. It has a Romanesque bell tower and frescoes by Calandria.


Sant Quirze hermitage

Located 200 metres from the cemetery and one kilometre from the town centre, this is a pre-eleventh century structure. There is no unity of style. It contains engravings by Adrià Gual. Fragments of Roman ceramics, a Constantine coin and diverse sepulchres have been found in the vicinity of this hermitage. It is the oldest hermitage in Lloret, so old that some believe it dates back to the victory of a Roman and Christian general named Quirze.


Santa Cristina hermitage

Located 3.5 km from the centre of Lloret. The earliest reference to it dates back to 1376. The current temple, built at the end of the XVIII century, is neo-classical with an extraordinary marble altar made in Italy and an interesting collection of votive offerings and miniature ships. Under the “hundred year old pine tree” during the Fiesta Mayor (Festival of Santa Cristina on the 24th of July), all the fishermen hold their lunch of brotherhood where the typical dish estofat is served. Santa Cristina has its own personality.


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