Medieval Lloret

Sant Joan Castle (11th century)

The castle is situated at the top of the hill which separates the beaches of Lloret de Mar and Fenals and dates back to the beginning of the 11th century, possibly from the age of Lady Sicardis and her sons, the Lords of Lloret (1041-1110), when it controlled the feudal territory of Lloret. The chapel was consecrated in 1079, although the only remains of the original construction are the foundations of the keep, the eastern wall, some remnants on the southern side and several silos excavated in the rock but currently covered.

In 2000-2001 excavation work was completed and the castle was converted into a heritage site in order to improve knowledge of our medieval history and make it accessible for cultural visits, guaranteeing its protection by means of new signposting for the monument which uses different types of signs including all types of information regarding the history of the castle and the town of Lloret de Mar in general.


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