“Indianos” in Lloret de Mar

Maritime Museum - Can Garriga (1887)

Just as the City Hall, built in 1872, closed off Verdaguer street to the west, the façade of one of the Garriga houses closed it off to the east, giving this area a very pronounced character. This will entail considerable effort on Lloret’s part but one within its reach to preserve a building which, like so few others, bears witness to the splendorous past of the 1800s naval period.

The emblematic Garriga Houses will become the Tourism Office and the Museu of the Sea, this exhibition center will have 5 essential parts of interpretation of the history of Lloret; Fills de Lloret, Mare Nostrum, Navegant el món, Lloret després dels velers i Més enllà de la platja: Lloret mira al futur.


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